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Plant profile: Calathea Ornata

The Calathea Ornata is also known as a Pinstripe Calathea due to its stunning pinstripe leaves. Learn all about how to water, propogate, and style your Pinstripe Calathea.

All about the Calathea Ornata

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Calathea Ornata is a species of perennial plant, this lovely plant is also known as a Pinstripe Calathea due to the stunning “pinstripes” on the leaves. The underside of this leaf is a beautiful purple. ⁠Native to South America, the Pinstripe Calathea has become a very popular house plants due to its unique patterns and purple and pink hues.

Calatheas are also a nyctinastic plant. That means their leaves move periodically due to nightly changes of light intensity or temperatures. You’ll be able to see the leaves of the plant open during the day and fold upwards in the evening. You might even catch some of the movement out of the corner of your eye.

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1. How to water your Pinstripe Calathea plant
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3. Propagation
4. Repotting and growing
5. Styling a Pinstripe Calathea plant for your home

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How to water your Calathea Ornata plant

As the Calathea is a tropical plant it loves moisture during the summer months so be sure not to let it dry out too much in between watering. We would suggest watering every 1-2 weeks, when doing so be sure to drain the excess water. Over watering and not removing excess water can lead to root rot which in turn could cause the plant to die.⁠ The Calathea enjoys an occasional misting too so be sure to include this as part of your watering routine.

⁠⁠In the winter months allow the soil to dry out a little at the top in between watering cycles.

Tip: if the leaves start to curl this is a sign that it needs more water. ⁠

Signs of overwatering your Calathea plant

Droopy leaves can be a sign of overwatering. Without rectifying this can lead to dreaded root rot. Try reducing your watering schedule or moving the plant to a new location than enables it to dry out. Don’t forget to regularly aerate your soil as well! Click here to read our full article on repotting your plant after overwatering.

Signs of underwatering your Calathea plant

If you spot any brown leaf edges that start to curl you may need to increase your watering frequency. 

Close up shot of Calathea Pinstripe leaves

The best soil for the Pinstripe Calathea plant

This plant requires a mixture for potting. You will need to use a 2-part peat potting mix and a 1-part perlite mix to ensure the best growth.

Propagating Calathea Ornata plants

The best way to propagate the Calathea is through the subdivision of the plant, separate the clusters of roots and foliage and re pot them in the soil recommendation of peat and perlite mix. The best time to do this is in the spring and summer months. You cannot propagate Calathea’s in water.

Repotting and growing your Calathea plant

To get the best longevity for the Calathea we recommend repotting once a year in the summer or spring months this will help the growth and health of the plant. If it cannot be done yearly look out for the signs for roots emerging. This will let you know it is time for a re-pot.

Calathea in clay pot on table

Styling a Calathea Pinstripe plant for your home

These plants are stunning and can be a real scene-stealer due to their moving leaves. Try an orange or bright yellow pot to complement the Pinstripe Calathea’s purple underside. Or if you’ve got a large Calathea, a large wicker basket placed directly on the floor can instantly turn this plant into a feature item of the room.

Calathea’s like moderate sunlight, so bear this in mind when considering a location for your plant.

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Calathea indoor plant, (Pinstripe) 14cm pot

Calathea indoor plant, (Pinstripe) 14cm pot

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